Welcome to

Teller Hill

First and foremost Teller Hill is a labor of love. Founded by mother-daughter team Jane and Tory, Teller Hill was formed after a year of tremendous heartache and challenges. Tory's father, and Jane's husband of over 50 years passed away followed very quickly by their beloved dog Pete, it almost seemed like too much. 

Tory and Jane's family has always sought comfort in animals, and especially after their tremendous losses. Tory visited the SPCA down the road from her office daily to say hello to the animals there, wishing lots of love and good homes to them. She watched as many pets celebrated their adoptions with their new families. Then, one day, there was Waldo.

Small and scruffy and stubborn, he was much more interested in being petted than going for a walk. With his big golden brown eyes and his snaggle tooth he stole Tory's heart. She called Jane and told her to come quickly to meet this little fur baby. Sure enough, Waldo stole her heart too. Now Waldo shares their home and has taken up semi permanent residence in Jane's lap! 

The love Waldo gave to them was more than they could have imagined and helped ease the pain of their losses. They in turn showed their love by making him toys and fancy collars. When Waldo's friends in the neighborhood started requesting toys and collars, they realized it was time to share the love and joy Waldo had brought to them with all the other fur babies in the world! 

Jane and Tory hope that all of your fur babies feel the care and loving touch that goes into every item they make for them.